Friday 12 November 2010


The Hackney Citizen has picked up our project; here is a concise entry online:
A longer article on paper will be published soon...

Saturday 6 November 2010

Esculence that lingers

The wonderful thing about the elongated dish in the window of the £100 shop it just how stable it is.  Suspended above the dirt of the shop floor, recessed into the window, it is sterile in a way its cheaper rivals may not be. And there's no worry about kitchen hygiene issues if you keep this little fellow wrapped up and never actually use it.

Some have critiqued the packaging, but not a single person has said anything they wouldn't say about a Cartier watch.   Okay, so there was just one. A 30-something musician came up to me and said that the crinkling sounds produced when he handled it put it a little way lower than the price tag that the proprietors are asking.  But this may be the shortsightedness of his relative youth.  For most, it's a jewel. And just £100. 

So I may be a sock-puppet for £100 enterprises.  I may not be.  But either way, that cooking accessory is worth every pound of its price tag.